Paper Money is Worthless

An immense change is taking place in global geopolitics. The US dollar has been the worlds reserve currency for 72 years. But since 1971, the dollar and all other national currencies have been floating currencies – pieces of paper that are printed with numbers. They are all intrinsically worthless… …and this system is cracking fast right in front of our eyes. For the past 8 … Continue reading Paper Money is Worthless

Protecting Your Future by investing in a Gold IRA

For Millennia, Gold has been a very reliable store of value since it hardly loses its worth in terms of what goods and services it’s value can be exchanged for. Gold is the basis of few countries’ wealth, hence, its demand keeps on rising  regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. Since 1997 when the Tax Payer Relief Act was enacted, individuals have been allowed to … Continue reading Protecting Your Future by investing in a Gold IRA