Smart Gold IRA (smartgoldira.com) is an organized, simple and easy-to-read informational website dedicated to informing you about Precious Metals investing. Most importantly, Precious Metals IRAs. While there are many ways to invest in Gold and Silver, we are focused on the benefits of holding physical Precious Metals within an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). We believe that adding tangible assets, such as physical Gold and Silver, to your retirement investment portfolio is a smart way to protect yourself from the inevitable correction in the markets.

With so many scams and shady Gold dealers out there, we want to ensure that you are armed with the most accurate and useful knowledge before making any investments in physical Gold.

The main focus of this site, is to expose the complaints that some Gold IRA companies have received so you can avoid them altogether. We believe that where there is smoke, there is fire. Why take the chance with your hard earned savings?

What to expect from this site

  • well researched and honest reviews
  • both negative and positive reviews of the leading Gold IRA companies
  • up-to-date information about Gold IRAs
  • explanations about which metals can be included in a Gold IRA
  • Gold IRA rollover information