Paper Money is Worthless

An immense change is taking place in global geopolitics. The US dollar has been the worlds reserve currency for 72 years. But since 1971, the dollar and all other national currencies have been floating currencies – pieces of paper that are printed with numbers.

They are all intrinsically worthless…

…and this system is cracking fast right in front of our eyes. For the past 8 years, central banks have been attempting experimental economics that include gigantic currency printing operations, lowering interest rates into negative territories. Buying stocks to prop up asset prices and outright manipulating financial sectors. The ultimate form of defense and protection, to counteract unclear and vicious policies taken by the global elite, is to own physical gold  and silver as a portion of your portfolio.

Since the year 2000, gold and silver have been rising in price as the dollar system is disintegrating into ashes. todays environment of slow growth, uncertainty, deflation in oil prices and strict borrowing requirements, has caused gold mining supplies to be extraordinarily low. On top of that, there’s a bonafide lack of new mining coming into production, just as Russia, China and India are hoarding gold at their fastest rate in decades. A new law that is being proposed and advanced, will in a few months time allow the Muslim population, all 1.6 billion of them, including over 100 oil billionaires, to invest in gold for the first time in 40 years and the demand could be outrageous. The Shanghai Exchange is going to be their favorite choice for buying gold.

The new US government infrastructure will cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions. And there is a grave danger lurking for every investor and saver. As well as profiting from smart opportunities, created by the phenomenon called ‘gold reverting’, the amount of new currency units that were created in the past decade are causing gold to revert to its true value…and the price can easily surpass $3,000 per ounce in todays terms.

The world is learning the astounding importance of a sound monetary system.





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